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Women of Help and Influence

by Mary Fernandez

We Got the Answers to Success

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Courses Offered

G​et the support you need so you can make your dreams come true. Women of Help and Influence enables women to become instruments of positive change through empowerment and coaching. See our course packages below for more details.

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Accelerate Your Progress from Stuck Stopped or Stalled 

Welcome to 2021  

These programs are included in The ACADEMY for 2021.    Launch Dates for 2021 will be posted.  Plan now to take full advantage of the life-time access to our resources that come with our Academy.  Academy Entrance Fee one-time payment of $1997. or 2 payments of $1347.

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Summer Special


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VIP Day – $1597

Summer Special $997

6 Hour Intensive

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The Academy– $1997 

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