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Women of Help and Influence

by Mary Fernandez

​Welcome to Tips, Tools, Tails & Testimonies

A host of Views presented by Mary H. Fernandez


Sheroes, Heros and Champions​​

     Any Time an Executive Woman has to bite her tongue, cringe or medicate to get through her work day just to deal with the stresses, of owning her power...It's time  to EXHALE.  By that I mean, Constant blind siding, humiliations and undo negative forces from leadership or even co-workers can fog our brain and make us/women settle.    My heart goes out when my clients tell me of having to make it thru a meeting without exploding in tears.  Human is a good thing.  Tears are expressions of decompression.  I believe in this get away because we on the regular need to unplug, clear our mind and retool, refresh and come back and SLAY.  Deal with the day and all that comes with it!  Just some thoughts!  by  Mary Fernandez

      WOW,  I was looking at the Today Show this morning and they had their first live Concert featuring the group COLD PLAY.   OMG.  The crowd of people joyfully enjoying the music.  Close to one another and happy to be out among each other.  Some of them knew each other and most did not.  

      The revelation was this...You got a COVID SHOT and I GOT a COVID SHOT and ALL Getting the COIVD show WOW WOW WOW!  You can breath on me and I can breath on you.   We protect each other with this common bond!

When Covid hit we grieved together as a world.  We reached out to help one another.  We are good people we want the best for humanity and we can work together like champions.  We are all the same.

By Mary Fernandez 


Love a good old positive exchange in conversations.   Thanks for Dropping in!!  Mary Fernandez!!

Wishing you the best life ever!   Knowing that each day is a gift from GOD!!  Live It to the FULLEST!!   We are all a work in progress!!


Be Present in each moment.  Focus.

 It could save you a lot of time!!

Take today for instance.  I have looked forward to renewing my driver's license.  Months.  Here I am thrilled and overjoyed at life in spite of the challenges and fun opportunities springing up and not to mention the stress of adapting to change.  Get the picture yet? I know where the DMV is.  Without thinking I could go there, However, I left in plenty of time..Ahhh maybe yes and maybe no. The route is clear.  Action.  I took the correct exit.  ( I must have been in automatic pilot)  I could choose to turn left or right.  But nooo.  I turned right as if I was going to see my Tax Consultant.   No big deal.  I make the legal reentry to the interstate.   Now I am concerned that I may be late.   Heading down the highway...I look at the next exit and I say....Oh, Mary...that first exit you took was the correct exit.  No problem...I made the next exit and turned around. Back on track and on time...DMV.  I made it.  The tip here is ...PAY ATTENTION.  Be present in the moment.

It could save you a lot of time.   

YEAH!!  THE BLOG is up and Ready!

What in the world is a BLOG?  We basically know however we /I must know every detail or is that procrastination.

In this series, I look forward to sharing a piece of my mind, a lot of my heart, and a host of great tips and tools from some of the most amazing  Sheroes. Heros and Champions of this World.

I am so grateful to have a platform to share inspiration, hope, direction, wisdom, encouragement, hot news, views and so much more.  

If I could sit with these great thought masters and have a cup of tea I would.  For now, this virtual platform has flung the reach and potential beyond what we were using in the normal day-to-day.

Welcome to Tea.  

Get ready!!


#TTTAS, #thewohicoach

Sheroes, Heros, and Champions.  The Joy the laughter the Journey.  

This picture is from a trip to DALLAS for our annual SEMINAR where we update our business skills.  Yes!  This is a serious business trip and I have made it over 35 years or so.  

Getting there is 1/3 the fun.  Being there is 1/3 the Experience and the fellowship and return on investment is fuel.

The joy of meeting women and men on the same journey yet in their own lanes driven by their own "why" passion and purpose changed the course of my life.

Just think, I was a referral.  I look forward to sharing stories of the BOSS BABES, Master Leaders, Mentors some still here and some gone home to heaven.  Yes,  this is a career life that did not seem like it.  My Dad was once an entrepreneur and this was one of my Schools. #mymklife.   Fierce Champions, Victorious Women overcomers.  Not to mention my life in the AWESOME 757- Hampton Roads, Virginia....where I live in the HEART OF IT ALL  ..the Historical City of PORTSMOUTH, VA.   Legends, Mentors, Teachers, Parents, Community Leaders.  I ate from the wisdom table of abundance living here all my life.  No matter where I traveled...THIS IS MY HOME TOWN.  

Here is Why I am taking the  COVID SHOT!

There is nothing like having no control of what is going on inside of your body. Consider this a personal Testimony!  Going to the Hospital in an ambulance because the strange intense pain is sending out alerts to my body and mind.  "Speak now while you can" was the inclination I had.  "JP my son... call the ambulance."  The pain level was what I called 50 and beyond. That was a strange planet I had never been on to my remembrance.  What felt like an army of top-notch surgeons and interns seem to be in one form or another by my side.  Ready for battle.  God in my heart and holding my hand already said in HIS Word that He would never leave me nor forsake me.  Once the surgeons told us what we were dealing with.  My spirit said.....BATTLE ON!  Next, I said call Bishop Brown for prayer first, then let's call Pop (my Husband..out of town.)  No choices left, I released my business, my concerns to my daughter who also rarely left my side. (Son, Son in Law, and daughters positioned near and far around me. Battle on!  That hero medicinal team of earthly angels went to work.  They increased and flipped meds to get that infection down. Seven days of intensive care and 14 days total in the hospital, my body with the medications was fighting for its life.  I did not stop to ask, wait, what is that?  Why that?  Talking to God constantly, day and night as the pain level of 80 gradually changed back and hoovered at Pain Level 50.  I had total trust in GOD.  My kidneys, liver, and entire body were in God's hands.   I trust Him over man and yet he sent Man to instruct, guide, and do all man knew to do to get me out of that hospital.  So, this Covid shot is artillery for the battle of life.  God sends help, man only human..Armor up! Battle on.  I am taking the shot.  Wearing my Mask and washing my hands.  Doing the best I can, with what we have. Man is not perfect BUT GOD.   I leave it there. Make your own decision on what you feel is best for yourself, your family our world.

Stories, Updates, and More

Women of Help and Influence has touched the lives of so many women over the years. Their success stories help keep our passion burning. On this page, we’ll post the most moving encounters we’ve had, as well as updates on our latest programs and projects. Check back often for more content on our blog!

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All of us Launch from a different Baseline based on Life Experiences and Confidence Levels!  Let's identify your Launching Point of strength!

Your Courage

Take with you all the good and lessons. We can build on them.  Now to let go of some things and embrace change!

We adapt to our new normal!

A Customized Action Plan! 

 Where do you start and where are you going?  Success is on purpose.  Have you ROADMAPPED before?  It's is a wonderful tool!

"It's not only important to get ready but be ready"

Margo Lovett

Connecting with Powerful women can lead to amazing opportunities whether you are looking for them or not.  Your prayers are being answered and coming from all directions...BE READY!!

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